DG SSII statement on succesful test of Shaheen III: 9 March 2015


Dr Shireen Mazari, DG SSII, today welcomed the successful test of the Shaheen III surface to surface missile with an expanded range of 2750 kms. This expanded range now puts
all Indian strategic centres within range and reasserts deterrence after Indo-US-Israeli Ballistic Missile Defence Cooperation (BMD). India’s BMD programme threatened deterrence in the subcontinent and a natural fall out has been a higher level of nuclear weapons and delivery systems in the region. Why the US would deliberately encourage this is mind boggling, Mazari stated.

She said unlike India’s expansive nuclear and missile programme ranging from SRBMs to ICBMs & BMD with a space-based component, Pakistan has focused on SRBMs & MRBMs improving CEPs, range, payloads & reliability. She pointed out that Pakistan has also succeeded in developing the cruise missile as well as miniaturisation, as reflected in the Nasr missile, so it is moving rapidly to second strike capability which will further bolster and stabilise deterrence in the subcontinent.

— Central Media Cell

The purpose behind the creation of the SSII was to establish a dedicated academic and research institution for conducting research and trainings on important issues related to Pakistan’s security. SSII aim to put knowledge to practice by providing an alternate narrative in critical areas of Strategic Studies, especially Arms Control and Disarmament.


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