DG SSII STATEMENT: 16 April 2015


Director General Strategic Studies Institute Islamabad (SSII), Dr Shireen M Mazari, today criticized the Canadian government for agreeing to supply uranium to India as well as to import civilian nuclear technology to India all of which are in direct contravention of Articles I and II of the Non Proliferation Treaty to which Canada is party.

The US $283 million contract is for the supply of 7.1 million pounds of uranium concentrate over the next five years, for use in the fast growing Indian nuclear power plants. The deal comes in the wake of Indian PM Modi’s visit to Canada. Modi is on a buying spree linked to India’s nuclear and defence capabilities and before Canada he stopped in France where he got a French deal for the sale of 36 Rafale fighter jets in a multi-billion-euro agreement.

Dr. Mazari said it was unacceptable that a discriminatory approach has been adopted by Canada and other members of the NPT who are prepared to violate the Treaty for commercial profits and sell nuclear materials and technology to India while denying Pakistan the same. Canada had earlier also punished Pakistan for India’s nuclear tests in 1974 when it withdrew assistance to KANUPP despite the civil reactor being under IAEA safeguards.

Dr. Mazari pointed out that Canada’s pretensions towards nuclear nonproliferation and nuclear disarmament stand exposed once again when it has chosen to undermine the NPT by contravening its commitments under Articles I and II for commercial benefits and appeasement of India.

Dr. Mazari said the selective and discriminatory approach towards nonproliferation that has come to the fore after the Indo-US nuclear agreement not only shows that nonproliferation is not the issue but the nuclear programmed of certain states only who coincidentally happen to be Muslim states; but also that Pakistan made a wise and correct decision to acquire nuclear weapon capability in the face of this discriminatory approach to non proliferation.

The purpose behind the creation of the SSII was to establish a dedicated academic and research institution for conducting research and trainings on important issues related to Pakistan’s security. SSII aim to put knowledge to practice by providing an alternate narrative in critical areas of Strategic Studies, especially Arms Control and Disarmament.


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