Pakistan-India Tensions | Kashmir Dispute – M. Abdul Qadeer


The recent hostilities between nuclear armed Pakistan and India are worrisome and could lead to catastrophic consequences. Watch Muhammad Abdul Qadeer analysis on the worsening Pakistan-India relations.

On February 27, 2019 Pakistan Air Force jets undertook strike in Indian Occupied Kashmir (IOK) from Pakistani airspace. The Pakistan Air Force also shot down two Indian fighter jets.

One of the aircrafts fell inside Azad Kashmir and the other fell inside IOK. One Indian Air Force pilot identified as Wing Commander, Abhi Nandan was captured by Pakistan Army on ground. Pakistan said the “sole purpose” of this action was “to demonstrate our right, will and capability for self-defence.”

Pakistan’s retaliation came after Indian Air Force crossed Line of Control on February 26, 2019, entered 3-4 nautical miles into Pakistani airspace but flew back, dropping payload into a forest near Balakot after Pakistani fighter jets were scrambled to intercept them. No casualties or damage was reported.

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