Growing Islamophobia Amid the Coronavirus Pandemic

Islamophobic sentiments transcend boundaries. In February 2020, at the height of the coronavirus pandemic, a gunman killed nine people at two shisha bars in the German city of Hanau. A few days earlier, the German police had arrested 12 men on suspicion that they were planning to attack “persons of the Muslim faith”. In the same month, the London mosque stabbing incident, albeit under different circumstances, added to the growing incidents of violent attacks against Muslims.

The Simla Agreement: Is It Still Relevant Today?

Kashmir has remained the subject of a long-running dispute between Pakistan and India, the roots of which can be traced to their shared colonial past. Pakistan desires a solution and wants global powers to play a role in resolving the Kashmir issue. While India has long bristled at any suggestion of third-party involvement over Kashmir insisting it is an “integral part” of the country. Where India finds it difficult to escape Kashmir’s reference by simply terming it an “integral part,” it takes another approach by describing it a “bilateral issue” between Pakistan and India as set out in the 1972 Simla agreement. 

Can Pakistan Pressurize India Over Its Kashmir Policy?

By Fareeha Shamim With the incessant lockdown in Kashmir crossing 200 days, Kashmiris are being exposed to the worst kind of human rights violations. Hindu extremists, relishing the protection of the authorities, regularly confront those protesting against the Citizenship Amendment Act (CAA), resulting in deadly clashes. While the Hindu radical mindset being nurtured under the Modi…