Strategic Studies Institute Islamabad (SSII) was founded by Dr. Shireen M Mazari in 2013. The purpose behind the creation of the SSII was to establish a dedicated academic and research institution for conducting research and trainings on important issues related to Pakistan’s security. SSII aim to put knowledge to practice by providing an alternate narrative in critical areas of Strategic Studies, especially Arms Control and Disarmament.


Vision & Mission

The SSII seeks to build the academic and research capacity in Pakistan through specially designed workshops and seminars at universities and organisations (both Governmental and Non-Governmental dealing with vital issues of national security). Significantly, the nationally recognised instructors at the Institute have diverse experience and rich knowledge of the courses being taught.

SSII routinely hosts workshops, seminars and conferences focusing on contemporary issues in International Relations, specifically in the realm of Strategic Studies, Arms Control and Disarmament, and International Law in order to create an effective interface between the country’s public/private sector institutions and policy making organisations to facilitate informed decision making.

The SSII also conducts research on issues related to terrorism and extremist movements in Pakistan with a special focus on Southern Punjab. The purpose behind this research is to educate students and policy makers alike about the history and trends of Madrasahs.  The research also seeks to generate policy recommendations to guide professionals in counter-terrorism and security fields.

The SSII also serves as a platform for initiating constructive discussion and debate through organising seminars, conferences, workshops and public lectures on various issues of national interest. We now seek to develop and enter into mutually beneficial MoUs with important organisations, think tanks, academic institutions and universities both within and outside Pakistan. Included in this goal is the provision of a sustainable exchange programme for young scholars/interns with relevant organisations.

Dr Shireen Mazari