Thursday, December 13, 2018

Director General's Message

At SSI Islamabad we value the relationship we enjoy with our partner organisations both within and outside Pakistan, our alumni, prospective students, academic community, business community and the civil society. We remain committed to working closely with both our existing and future partners to help them understand important issues pertaining to the country’s foreign and security policy in general and relating to arms control and disarmament in particular. Dr Shireen M Mazari founded SSII in 2013. The purpose behind the creation of the SSII was to establish a dedicated academic and research institution for conducting research and trainings on important issues related to Pakistan’s security.  SSII also serves as a platform for initiating constructive discussion and debate through organising seminars, conferences, workshops and public lectures on various issues of national interest. We run a variety of workshops  including a ten day summer school on Pakistan’s Foreign and Security Policy for high school Students. The Summer School is now in its sixth year.  In addition we run several short two to three day workshops on issues related to arms control and disarmament as well as foreign and security policy for parliamentarians, lawyers, university students and the civil society at large. Being among the first few thinktanks in the country with an aim to educate the society through outreach programmes, we pride ourselves with the high quality of our faculty all of who have built a name for themselves in quality teaching, high impact training, and extremely relevant research. We now seek to develop and enter into mutually beneficial MoUs with important organisations, think-tanks, academic institutions and universities both within and outside Pakistan. Included in this goal is the provision of a sustainable exchange programme for young scholars/interns with relevant organisations. On behalf of  SSII I would like to extend a very warm welcome to both internal and  external patrons to engage with us. We look forward to associating with you for building a bright collective future.

Best Wishes,
Amina Afzal
Director General